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Pillow is a minimalist HubSpot theme for agencies. If you’d like to provide a clean, easy-to-use and modern atmosphere, Pillow would be the right choice. Any kind of professional agencies in the following sectors can use it: Creative services, digital agencies, consulting firms, marketing companies and so on.

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Pillow has 8 ready-to-use page templates for you:

  • Home: A minimalist homepage template to attract your visitors at first sight.
  • About: A useful template for providing some information about you and your team.
  • Services: When it’s time to explain what you do, this template is what you need.
  • Contact: A clean template with a contact form and information.
  • Blog: Classic blog view is always a plus for most of the visitors. This blog template focuses on your content directly.
  • Blog Post: A clean and classic blog post template for your posts.
  • Landing: Welcoming your visitors is important. If you need that kind of page, use this template.
  • Blank: A blank template for a fresh start. If you’d like to see an empty page which you can create any design with it, just use this one.

System Pages

  • 404
  • 505
  • Backup Unsubscribe
  • Membership Login
  • Membership Register
  • Reset Password Request
  • Reset Password
  • Password Prompt
  • Search Results
  • Subscription Preferences
  • Subscriptions Confirmation


Pillow has 16 ready-to-use modules for you:

  • Accordion: Add a section to your site which is created by titles and texts belong to them. When title is clicked, the text appears.
  • Calendar: With this module, you can add an event list to your site. An optional button is available, which goes to a specific link on click.
  • Call-to-Action Section: Use this module for attracting your visitors to a specific subject, campaign etc.
  • Fancy Header: This module adds a heading to your site in a different design. It allows you to choose from H1 to H6 as usual.
  • Icon Card Set: Boxed cards with icons, titles and texts. Useful for listing features of what you provide.
  • Image & Text: A multipurpose text section with an optional image and button.
  • List: A handy module to list some important features.
  • Menu Section: A menu to use in your Header section. The menu you see on our demo site is created with this very module.
  • Page Title: Useful title module to place at the top on your pages like About, Services etc.
  • Pricing Card: If you’re selling a service and have different plans, you can use this module to give information about them.
  • Quote: A classy module to display a quote.
  • Single Letter/Number: A module for only 1 letter or number. Useful when you need to create a list of steps or options from A to F maybe.
  • Social Accounts: A module to add your popular social accounts to your site.
  • Team Members: If you have a team, you probably want to introduce them on your site. This module helps you with that.
  • Testimonial: Let your site visitors know what your clients think about you. A handy slider for customer reviews.
  • Vertical Spacer: Just a module for adding some free vertical space when needed. You can adjust the height of the empty space.


Your purchase includes 6 months of theme support and lifetime free updates. And we love to help people! You can drop a comment to let us help you when you need.


All the images/photographs used in our demo site and all the rights of them belong to their creators/owners. All of them have been collected from free royalty image providers such as pixabay, Unsplash and Pexels and they are completely free to use.

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