Cupcake – Responsive Email Template





Pismo Business style template suit for a business proposal, presentation. introducing your company. and inform your service package. with a selectable icon for your variable content.

Template feature

  • Template Builder by Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, and Mailster
  • Compatible with FreshMail
  • 6 color scheme (Cyan, Blue, Green, Violet, Yellow, Red).
  • Commented HTML.
  • Flexible table structure (delete/copy/replace).
  • Responsive for your mobile device.
  • CSS Button
  • Dark tone for business use.
  • Large heading area good for brand recognition.
  • Compatible with awesome WordPress plunin Mailster
  • 11 Repeatable module for both Campaign Monitor and MailChimp

Package included

  • Campaign Monitor and Mail Chimp – 6 html file in each color.
    – include Campaign Monitor tag : singleline, multiline, editable, repeater, layout.
    – include MailChimp tag: mc:edit, mc:repeatable, mc:hideable mc:variant.
  • Regular html – 42 html(None MailChimp or Campaign Monitor TAG) include 7 layout style and 1 mix layout.
  • Photoshop file – 6 psd file all layers are names and well organize with group and color label.
  • Documentation – include how to upload to Campaign Monitor and MailChimp.
  • Mailster – 12 compatible html file. include both index.html and notification.html for plugin
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