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This is the HTML version of the very popular Continuum WordPress Magazine Theme. Continuum was designed and built by a die-hard blogger who has used magazine-style templates for 5+ years. It is best used for newspaper and magazine blogs, but because of all of the custom templates, layouts, pre-built CSS styled elements, and color schemes, it can be molded into whatever kind of site you want, like a portfolio site for example. Continuum features a robust, professional grid-based article layout (with 4 unique variations) to display your posts, and has the added bonus of being jQuery enhanced, featuring 5 different jQuery content sliders (with 3 unique featured slider variations). It’s 100% valid XHTML with intuitive and clean code that is indented, spaced, and well-commented throughout.


Continuum is great for Magazine & News blogs, Gaming sites, Movie & Music review blogs, product review sites like, portfolio sites, personal blogs, and book review blogs.

Engineered for the pros. Crafted for the up-and-comers. Made for you.

Continuum Features

  • PHP and HTML version included
  • Built For Reviews – A unique grid-based review layout framework and 5 review types each with a custom icon. Rate things using either stars or hearts, or mix ‘n match! The review types are:
    1. Movies
    2. Music
    3. Video Games
    4. Books
    5. Products

    …or create your own, the framework is there!

  • 16 Page Layouts – since Continuum has so many uses it comes with lots of page templates, indluding:
    • Front page layout A – 3-wide grid layout
    • Front page layout B – 2-wide grid layout + sidebar
    • Front page layout C – vertical post layout + sidebar
    • Front page layout D – latest from each category + sidebar
    • Contributors – vertical contributor layout + sidebar
    • Search results page layout
    • Reviews layout – reviews listed in a 3-wide grid layout
    • Standard page layout – page content on the left + sidebar
    • Full-width page layout – page content full-width with no sidebar
    • Single post page – detail page for a post or article
    • Single review page – detail page for a review
    • Archive layout A – 3-wide grid layout
    • Archive layout B – 2-wide grid layout + sidebar
    • Archive layout C – vertical post layout + sidebar
    • Archive layout D – latest from each category + sidebar
    • 404 page
  • jQuery-Enhanced Throughout – including fancy tooltips, cufon font replacement, superfish menu dropdowns, sexy magnifying glass image hovers, and even full colorbox (photo lightbox) integration.
  • 5 Distinct jQuery Sliders –
    1. Breaking post/article/content slider at the very top of the page
    2. Spotlight slider A – post content above a series of thumbnails which navigate between posts
    3. Spotlight slider B – leverages the Nivo slider to display article images with captions overlayed
    4. Spotlight slider C – article image + overlayed caption on the left, vertically-stacked thumbnails on the right
    5. Recent Reactions scroller, which vertically scrolls snippets of content to the right of the spotlight slider
  • 70 Built-In CSS Styled Elements – there are tons of shortcode-like elements to choose from, including blockquotes, floating pullquotes, fancy buttons (14 colors), content columns, jQuery toggles, jQuery tabs, dividers, code, fancy lists (9 options), and more.
  • Color Scheme Options – 6 color skins and 28 pre-selected matching backgrounds.
  • Awesome Documentation – There is also a “Quick Settings” guide in the Continuum help file that gives you quick and minimal instructions to get yourself setup in no time.
  • Lots of places to put Ads
  • Great Browser Support – the only browser that Continuum does not work in is IE6. Every other browser on the market can handle Continuum (with a couple little caveats explained in the documentation)
  • Social Media – native social media support for sharing posts, pages, and reviews via Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Buzz, and E-mail. Pre-styled sections included to display your Flickr feed and Latest Tweets as well.
  • Author Info – single post and review pages have a nice author info section at the bottom of the content.
  • Awesome Comments – nested, paged, gravatar-ed, stylish comments. There is even a unique sidebar for the comments area.
  • Random Article Button – a sweet little treat to give your site that extra professional touch.
  • Intuitive Code – if you’re the type of person who likes to get under the hood and tinker with the code, you’ll be delighted to see that the code is indented, spaced, and commented thoroughly.
  • Layered PNGs and PSDs Included
  • Note: while Continuum looks and functions correctly in IE7, it does run slowly (mainly just the homepage) in IE7.

For support, please visit this link: Support

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